Kody Valera - Editor - In - Chief / Photographer

Kody has been shooting Hot Rods and Pin-Ups since 2007. He is the now the Lead Photographer for Deville Magazine as well as the creative visionary and driving force for this exciting new publication. 
He can be seen riding his Harley throttle in one hand, camera in the other capturing epic photos of cars cruising like they used back in the day. The resurgence of cruising since COVID delayed the start of the 2020 Car Show Season has given rise to making what's old new again and we can all hope that these cruises are here to stay this time. 

Matthew Leland Sumpter
Multiple Cover photographer for Ol Skool Rodz as well as an accomplished portrait, model and wedding shooter. He's also got a pretty big personality and wicked skill with his lighting. I am sure there is a lot more that can be said about Matthew, but his work speaks volumes and the rest you would have to meet him in person. 
Daniel Miranda
West Coast Shooter, Daniel Miranda is not only a bad ass Custom Culture Photographer; he also builds and drives Mercs. So what better kinda shooter to have on board covering the Bay Area!?
Michael Gianni
Once a Left Coast Shooter now he's doing big things in the Lone Star State. From Alt Models to Cars, Michael has an eye for the edge and we dig his style!
Randy Mann "The Buick Mann"
We are kinda shocked that Randy has enough clear day's to shoot in the Evergreen State, but he definitely makes good use of the sun when its shining. From documenting car shows and cruises, too working on his hot rod and filming for his YouTube Channel "How Do YOU Hot Rod?" Randy has his hands full being a full time creator. 
Chris Cano
Yo Chris, Take my Pic! Chris is a photog ninja with a super power to freeze a moment and make it last a lifetime in his candid portraits of everyday people in their element. In addition to his street photography, Chris takes some dope shots of Lowrider's and is a favorite among the locals.  

Junior Montoya
Representing the 775, Junior is shooting all the LowLows in the Biggest Little City. He owns his own Lowriders and is part of the local scene. Big things coming from this rising star!
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